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Back Office Software

Enable great efficiencies in your business through optimized back office software and support.

Our Back-Office Software Solutions

It’s really the automation behind the point of sale, behind the product selection, and behind the pricing and signage that provides the efficiencies and insight to profitably run the demands of a supermarket operation. InStore’s Back Office and Headquarters packages from NCR, BRdata and RORC cover the bases from item file management, pricing, promotions, ordering, receiving, Inventory, reporting to analysis. But it’s a lot more than just having the tools.

InStore ensures our resources have the skills, expertize, training and certifications necessary to maximize your return on investment.

BRdata Store

  • Mature and robust; system of choice for independent supermarkets across the country

  • Supports RORC, ISS45 & ScanMaster point-of-sale systems

  • Full item file support with immediate maintenance or date driven batching

  • Sales can be quantity-driven with the threshold pricing feature. Items can be placed on sale (or off) when the item reaches a specified inventory level

  • Support for unlimited prices, costs or allowances

  • Seamless maintenance imports

  • Wireless HH item audit and price verify; change prices and print tags

  • Sales and profitability analysis

  • Shelf and sign printing

  • Advanced file import tool

  • Report writer feature

  • Process automation tool

  • Alert notification system

BRdata Host

  • A powerful, flexible, feature-rich host support system

  • Multi-user graphical package built on Microsoft Windows technology

  • Complete price and cost from one central location

  • Efficient item and category management

  • Consolidated sales history reporting and analysis

  • Tight integration to all of BrData’s product lines

  • Shelf and sign label printing

  • Host support

  • Ad planner

  • Price optimization

  • Inventory

  • Full DSD

  • DEX

  • Computer assisted ordering

  • Financials

BRdata DSD

  • Maintaining control over product received at the store’s backdoor is crucial. Using BRdata’s DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system, users can instantly and easily verify that the costs, allowances, quantities, and products received are what is expected from the vendor.

  • Unauthorized items can automatically be detected to only allow the receiving of items you wish to carry

  • From any network printer, immediately print invoices that will reflect vendor deal information. Eliminate pricing discrepancies by comparing these invoices to the vendor’s invoices

  • Consolidate multiple invoices and export the information directly to many of the accounts payable systems

  • Import electronic invoices from wholesalers

  • Run various summary and recap reports

  • Import DEX invoices

  • Operate in a thin-client environment to connect the handhelds to the host system’s database. If a vendor’s item is authorized at host, it can immediately be recognized by the store systems

  • Can be used with the Document Linking Module which allows users to scan invoice hardcopies for a paperless office solution

BRdata Inventory

  • Inventory counts for regular and random weight items and can easily be posted into the system with a wireless RF handheld or a CSV import. Verify counts against the system’s perpetual values

  • View the full history of items in one convenient location. See how much of an item was sold, received, and manually adjusted

  • Supports transferring of stock between store locations within your chain

  • Prevent lost sales with the help of out-of-stock reports. Automatically generate purchase orders for products that are low in stock based on inventory min/max levels

  • Run various inventory reports including an Actual Gross Profit report which takes shrink values into consideration allowing you to view true cost values

  • Users have the option to track product costs by FIFO (first in, first out), last received purchase cost, or current cost on file

  • To keep inventory accurate, users can make manual adjustments to current on-hand values to account for items which are damaged, expired, broken, etc.

  • Track reclamation items which are sent back to vendors for credit

  • Properly track inventory for items sold by both case and unit

  • Maintain expiration dates

  • Sales can be quantity-driven with the threshold pricing feature. Items can be placed on sale (or off) when the item reaches a specified inventory level

Other BRdata Offerings

BrData has been in the supermarket technology business for a long time and takes pride in listening to, understanding, and delivering excellent solutions to retailer’s needs. Below is a list of additional products offered by BrData. InStore has been a sales, integration, and service partner with BrData for many years.


  • Price Optimization

  • Ad Planner

  • Competitor Price Tracking

  • Financials

  • Scale Link

  • Ordering

  • Grind Log Tracking

  • BrData Cloud

  • BrData Collect

  • BrData Connect

NCR logo 2.png

NCR Advance Back Office (ABO)

  • Designed by Back Office users to maximize efficiency and ease-of-use.

  • Easy Import process supporting multiple industry and wholesaler standards.

  • Powerful Item Review Dashboard – easily verify pricing consistency

  • Robust Reporting – Item Movement & Pricing, DSD Receiver Recap and Purchase
    Order Reporting, plus many more.

  • Full item file maintenance

  • Direct Store Delivery option

  • Handheld device support

  • Site to site hosting with host import/export

  • Bartender integration for shelf tag and sign printing

  • SQL Database provides efficiency, speed, and easy backups.


RORC Accounts Receivable

InStore knows that many independent retailers offer an A/R option to a segment of their customer base.

InStore uses features built into both RORC and ScanMaster point of sale to provide full customer charge account functionality.


Features included are:

  • Charge customer account management

  • Charge purchase transaction management

  • Payment on account – at the cashier checkout or at customer service.

  • Statements

  • Reporting

Signs and Labels

Supermarkets are continually challenged to get the customer to the right price at the right time. Signs and label solutions vary from hand-written shelf tags to precision laser printed tags to fully automated electronic shelf tags. InStore is here to help you pick the right solution for your store. Electronic shelf labels are an investment up front but then future price changes become completely painless.

Bartender Logo.png

Used by supermarkets across the country, BarTender is an excellent, value-priced solution nicely integrated into our product lines.

  • Powerful design with intelligent templates

  • Support for over 60 barcode symbologies with full support for GS1 standards

  • Comprehensive automation and control – centrally operate, monitor, manage and secure printing operations

  • Job logging and system auditing

  • Seamless integration with IS45, ScanMaster and RORC

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