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Retail is evolving and so are the needs of your customers. Today, consumers expect the option of using self-checkout lanes to be available because they make light shopping quick and easy.

With over 36 years of experience providing innovative point of sale solutions, InStore has the expertise to take your self-checkout project from start to finish and beyond. Explore our featured self-checkout lanes or contact us for our full range of solutions today.

Our Self-Checkout Solutions

NCR FastLane & Self-Serve

  • Improve checkout times at all hours by providing self-service options for your customers with a variety of options from the world leader in self-checkout systems

  • The newest systems lead customers through transactions with optimized interfaces to reduce theft and attendant intervention

  • Choose from units that accept all tender options, to strictly cashless (credit / debit) units to reduce lifetime repair and maintenance costs and further ease customer throughput

NCR logo 2.png

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ R6L Plus

The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout R6L Plus features a responsive multi-touch display with sleek edge-to-edge glass. The intervention light features LED lighting, reducing your power consumption. In addition, The R6L Plus offers the configurability you have come to expect from NCR, providing flexibility for your store’s front-end.



  • Proven cash handling capabilities with coin and note recycler

  • Advanced processor technology provides a path to future operating systems

  • Leverages an intuitive multi-touch display

  • NCR RealScan™ 79e Bi-Optic Imager can be used to enhance security and convenience with Produce Assurance and Picklist Assist

  • NCR offers exceptional reliability as the #1 global self-checkout provider

NCR R6L Plus - 6.png

NCR FastLane SelfServ™ R6LN Plus (credit/debit only)

Your stores are the heart of your business and finding new ways to improve the in store experience is critical to staying relevant and profitable. With NCR as the global leader in self-checkout backed by AM/PM’s unmatched serviceability, we are committed to providing your shoppers with an easier way to scan, bag and pay to maximize your bottom line.


  • Compact footprint with support for debit and credit payments

  • Optional bagging modules available with weight-based security

  • Tri-light with customizable signage and optional security camera

  • Bright multi-touch display with edge-to-edge glass

  • Support for 1D, 2D, and mobile bar codes with the RealScan™ 79e bi-optic imager

  • Enhanced security and shopper convenience with NCR Computer Vision Solutions: SmartAssist, Picklist Assist, and Produce Assurance

NCR SelfServ™ SS90

A sleek compact self-checkout solution offering your shoppers the speed, convenience, and simplicity they expect.

The NCR SelfServ 90’s small footprint makes it an ideal solution for just about any retail format, large or small. This compact checkout can augment your existing self-checkout estate, and its size offers you the flexibility to install it just about anywhere—from a floorstanding pedestal, to a countertop, or even a wall mount. The choice is yours.

It was designed specifically for small baskets of less than five items, while traditional self-checkout accommodates baskets of up to 20 items. Offering a variety of checkout options can benefit both your stores and your shoppers. The NCR SelfServ 90 is ideal for high volume stores with small baskets and strong card usage. It saves money on your technology investment by eliminating the cash and coin tender options and the security scale.

NCR SS90.jpeg
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