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Point of Sale Software

InStore Technology has been selling and servicing point-of-sale solutions for over 36 years. 15 years ago we decided to focus strictly on the independent grocer and our customer list continues to grow. InStore Technology offers installation and support for NCR ENCOR, NCR ISS45, and RORC point-of-sale solutions.

Our Point of Sale Software Solutions


NCR ENCOR Logo.png
  • NCR ENCOR transforms both store operations and the customer experience.

  • ENCOR is a complete, flexible retail management solution combining a proven POS system with a robust back office, bringing needed efficiencies specific to the independent grocery market.

  • The open-yet-integrated architecture combined with access to NCR’s Omni Channel Platform truly makes unified commerce complete – now and in the future.

  • Real-time POS management and monitoring

  • Date, priority, quantity/weight-driven pricing model supports all nested batches

  • Perpetual inventory control

  • Extensive electronic / export features

  • Powerful cash office and end-of-day processes

  • Electronic journal: real-time transaction processing

  • Versatile detailed reporting module

ENCOR - Image with Tablet.png


  • Fully modern architecture

  • Impressive, complete redesign of RORCv6

  • Fully featured for the independent supermarket industry

  • Robust road map and delivery schedule

  • Fully regulatory compliant

  • Complete cash management

  • E-commerce & loyalty solutions

  • Flexible promotion management.

  • Accounts receivable


  • Number one in US Market share among wholesaler-served independents and small grocery chains

  • ISS45's powerful transaction-processing architecture is not only optimized for the extreme performance needs of the supermarket business, it’s also economically scaled for stores of widely different sizes and types.

  • Delivers a full complement of features and applications that make it an ideal turnkey solution

  • Provides a lightning-quick performance

  • Open system design which allows implementation of emerging technologies

  • Keyboard, Touch Screen, Dynakey/Teamkey

  • Supports most OPOS devices

  • Transaction-specific prompts with operator lead through

  • Integrated customer loyalty with several promotion options

  • Industry setting standard reports

ISS45 - Image with Tablet.png
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