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Customer Testimonials


My Fresh Basket opened our doors July 2017 with a wide array of InStore’s products and services. Products like ISS45 Point of Sale, FastLane, BrData back office, loyalty and e commerce. From initial installation and training before opening, during opening, and on-going support; InStore has been great. Whatever the issue, question or concern, InStore has been quick to respond and helpful in every way. Adopting InStore’s customer service model at Self Service quickly proved very successful in our store. Today many of our customers prefer the FastLane checkout experience; It’s quick and easy and they enjoy interacting with our FastLane attendants. Throughout the entire store, My Fresh Basket is designed to provide an amazing shopping experience. Our presentation, our selection and services are second to none.

"Thank you InStore we really appreciate your partnership."

Matt Grittner

Store Manager


Rosauers Supermarkets operates 22 stores in 4 states with locations across the Pacific Northwest. Extraordinary quality, superior selection and remarkable customer service have been the pillars of our business since the company was founded in 1934.  When InStore asked us to consider FastLanes as an extension of our customer service model, we decided to test the technology in 3 of our stores. It didn’t take long to prove that a properly implemented FastLane solution really did complement our cashier-attended checkouts. Customers of all ages now have a choice, and our entire front end runs much more efficiently. InStore has always been responsive and flexible in meeting our needs.  Their very capable staff continues to support us long after installation.  Since our positive test experience, we’ve rolled out FastLanes into the vast majority of our stores, and the results are proof that we made the right decision. Really good partners are not so easy to find.

InStore has been a poster child for the companies we like to do business with.

Jeff Philipps



InStore has been great; it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to know their competitors, because I’ve come to trust Instore. You know, we’re a Supermarket, and disasters happen; when we call we’re in a panic. InStore’s team is always calm. Shonn, always fixes thing, he’s amazing. Mark, Mick and everyone, is just great. They’re regular guys, we can talk to them, they listen, and just take care of things. Keep it up InStore, don’t change a thing!


Payless Foods


Alaska just presents all sorts of unique challenges for vendors. We started working with InStore about 15 years ago with our Point of Sale and over time have come to rely on InStore for more and more of our overall technology solution. At one point, we had a different Point of Sale for Grocery and Fuel. We wanted a single consistent solution for pricing and promotion. I went to InStore and they had what I needed. John sent out a crack team to ensure the install and training went well, and it really did. Having InStore as the single source of contact for a growing portion of our technology is working out well.


Sea Mart Quality Foods


Our experience with InStore has always been positive, it’s not that there’s never been problems and sometime difficult ones. But I know from experience, that InStore sticks with the challenge and makes sure it’s right. Originally we went with another provider’s systems; converting to InStore with ISS45, set us on a solid platform with a partner we’ve come to trust. Overall, things just seem to go smoother with InStore.


Chuck’s Produce


Our experience working with InStore has been great. Once we got it all set up, it really works well. Upgrades and Migrations have been smooth and quick. Choosing InStore provided us with access to a multitude of data. Recently we’ve transitioned our back office to ABO, allowing us to streamline our processes making us that much more efficient. There’s just a lot more capabilities in the systems that we want to get into and we know InStore is there for us every step of the way.


Manzanita Fresh Foods


You know a lot of vendors don’t really even care about the independent anymore. But if we need something, InStore is there to help. If I want to do something new, InStore is my first choice. I’m confident that InStore will take care of us. It’s not all about the money – they’re really there to take care of us and make sure we’re trained and the product works!


A&J Select Market

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